Several 3D production processes include the ability to create multi-colored 3D models. Our platform supports that process and communication with the 3D Service.

In order to properly order a Multicolor Design, it is important to:

Understand Multicolor Design Information

Multicolor information in 3D files can be stored in three different ways:

  • As a reference to a texture (image file) with texture coordinates
  • As color per vertex (rgb values)
  • As color per face (rgb values)

Even though these multicolor types can be combined it is recommended to chose only one.

Compatible Multicolor File Formats

Our platform currently supports the following file formats:

  • 3D model: wrl, x3d, ply, obj (+mtl), dae, 3ds, 3mf
  • Color Modes: reference to a texture, color per vertex, color per face
  • Texture (if used): jpg, png, bmp, gif 

Examples of Compatible Multicolor File Formats

Export a Multicolor Design

The multicolor information is supported differently for each 3D file format, so the export type should always match the 3D file type.

  • For the most accurate result, your file should be exported as a Textured 3D Model. If that is not possible, you can either use Vertex Coloring or Face Coloring.
  • For textured files: All textures should be Unified Into a Single Image File. Enable export of the UV map (texture coordinates). 
  • For vertex/face color files: Vertex Color/Material Information should be included in the exported file. To create an obj file, a .mtl file should be included in your upload.

Upload Production Media

Make sure that all necessary information is included in your upload by packing all files (texture, material, 3D model) into a Single Zip FolderIf all information is contained in a single 3D model file, it can be uploaded unzipped.

Verify 3D Models

After uploading the file you will be able to chose from multicolor materials for 3D production. An attempt is made to optimize your file to remove defects that prevent it from being 3D printed. If you find that the color information is incorrect after the optimization, please inform the printing service. 

If you want to download the repaired file in order to re-texture it yourself, you can access it under the 3D Model Viewer, “Manage & Share” and “Download Optimized File”.

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