For every model that is uploaded to the platform, a printability analysis is performed to ensure that it is optimized for 3D production in the selected material. The platform will provide visual clues for how to repair any model that is not printable.

Initiate Printability Analysis

  1. Click on the image of any 3D Model in the 3D project view to open the Model Viewer.
    3D Models Uploaded to a 3D Project
  2. You will now see the model within the visualizer. Click Printability & Scale to begin printability analysis.
    Printability and Scale Setting in Model Visualizer
  3. On the right side, the viewer will indicate the status of the model by showing areas which are Printable in green, Questionable in yellow and Problematic in red.
  4. The left side displays information about the current model size and print material. If the size of the model is incorrect, it can be dynamically scaled.
  5. At the bottom of the left panel is an indication of Printability Analysis along with a detailed description in the case of an unprintable model.
    Printability Analysis Feedback

Adjust Non-Printable 3D Models

When a model is Not Printable, a small box will give you direction about the root cause. In the visualizer, the problematic areas will be shown in yellow and red depending on how critical the problem is. If your part is not size sensitive, you can adjust the scale of the model until it becomes printable.

The most common issues are:

  • Thin Walls
  • Multiple Shells
  • High Complexity of the Model

The model will need to either be adjusted in the original CAD appliaction to work on the platform, or it will need to be submitted as a manual request to the 3D Service provider. You can access a guide to several of the most common problems here.

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