Each 3D Project can include one or more 3D Models.

The most effective 3D Projects group parts that can be ordered together from the same 3D service at the same time. The projects allow your team to collect files in one place, verify they are ready for production and then place a single order that can be managed and tracked as a unit.

You can either add models as a Single 3D Model or as Multiple Files.

Add a 3D Model

  • Drop a Model into the window or use the Click to Upload box to choose files from your drive to Upload a 3D Model.

  • See Listing of Accepted 3D Files for a list of supported file formats.
  • See Uploading Multicolored Files if you want to upload a Multicolored 3D Model.
  • You can also add additional file types which get added to a project as a 3D Project Attachment.Uploaded 3D Model File Overview Inside a 3D Project

Add Multiple Files into a Single 3D Project

  • Open the 3D Project where you want to add the group of models.
  • Either Click-and-Select or Drag-and-Drop a group of models into the window.
  • All the 3D models will be added directly into the single 3D project to be managed together.

Animated gif file showing how toupload 3D Models into 3YOURMIND platform

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