Ready to Bring Your 3D Processes Online?

A few simple steps will allow your entire team to collaborate on workflows designed specifically for additive manufacturing.

1) Create an Account

In order to gain access to the 3D Platform, each team member will need to create their own account

Learn How to Sign up

2) Create a 3D Project

All models are organized into 3D Projects to streamline your the workflow for your team. Click the New 3D Project button in the center of screen to begin.

Create a 3D Project

Add Collaborators from Your Team

3) Add 3D Models

You can add as many 3D Models as you would like into each 3D Project. That will become the basic unit of your 3D printing process.

Simply Upload your first 3D Model by dropping it anywhere on the 3D Project Page.

Learn How to Work with 3D Models

4) Place an Order for a 3D Project

Ordering a 3D Project is the final step of your 3D printing process. You can select the appropriate material, the service provider, the post-process by 3D Project or by 3D Model.

Once everything is selected to your project requirements, Place an Order.

Learn How to Order a 3D project

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